What time of day does Amanda prefer to shoot?
Amanda typically schedules sessions at 10:00 a.m. on weekdays.

Why does Amanda display only a certain amount of photos in the client gallery when she takes so many photos at our session?
Amanda chooses the very best images from your session to process and share with you. Images must meet her quality standards to make the final cut. You can be assured that she will present to you the very best images from your session!

Why are there black and white versions of only some of the photos in my gallery?
Amanda uses her artistic judgment on each individual image to decide which photos look best in color and or black and white.  When she processes an imagine in black and white she will also provide you with the color version when available, at her discretion.

Does Amanda shoot families, engagements, weddings or events?
Amanda’s focus is on newborns, babies and children. Please contact her with details specific to what you are planning. There are times Amanda will take on other photography projects if her schedule allows.

Can I submit images from my session into a contest, to a third party and or make changes to the image files myself?
No. All photography produced by Amanda Ritter Photography is property of Amanda Ritter Photography and protected by United States Copyright laws and may not be reproduced in any manner other than the personal printing rights granted to and outlined in a client’s print release upon receiving the digital files from their session.  The explicit written permission of the artist, Amanda Ritter is required for any use other than personal printing or web sharing of the watermarked web size files included in your downloads. This includes but is not limited to contest entries, any third party, sale of the image files, copying, editing or altering the professionally printed images, which is strictly prohibited.